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Coaching for Parents
The "What To Do If ..." series

Parents today have a tough job.  We want to do our best, and unfortunately kids still don't come with an instruction book.

Children naturally present us with challenges, and often we get stuck in using old behaviors that just don't get us the results we want.  Sometimes, changing just a bit of what we are doing can help our children change their behavior tremendously.

So, to help parents find solutions quickly, Deborah has put together the basics of an instruction manual for parents.  The "What to Do If ..." series offers some basic, easy to implement solutions for common problems in parenting. 

If the issue you are dealing with isn't listed here yet, please email Deborah and let her know.  New sections are being added all the time.

Each booklet is 700 - 1000 words ( 2 to 3 pages) of concise parenting advice, written by Deborah Tucker, who has worked with parents and children for more than 20 years.   A 50 minute session with Deborah is generally $125.  The cost for each booklet is only $10, payable through Paypal.  When payment is received, your booklet will be promptly e-mailed as a PDF  attachment.

Try something new, and see what the results are!

What to Do If ...


My Child Won’t Listen to Me: The Basics of Using Natural and Logical Consequences

The best system for helping children learn to behave has been around forever, and formally taught by educators and professionals for at least 50 years.  This common sense approach is applicable to any situation.  This general introduction will get you started.


My Child Misbehaves – Why Do They Do That?

Just like adults, children always have a reason for what they do.  When we understand what is motivating their behavior, then we can change our response to it, and help them change what they are doing.  There are four basic reasons why children misbehave.  Do you know what they are?


Our Family Needs to Talk: How to Use the Family Meeting Concept

The Family Meeting (originally known as the Family Council) is a concept that has been around for decades, yet many people have never heard of the idea.  This is a structured yet simple way for families to meet to discuss and solve problems that affect the family.  Learn how to set up your Family Meeting.  Clear out that backlog of old problems, and keep your family moving forward.


My Child Won't Eat

Parents often worry that their child isn't eating enough foods, or the right foods.  Once you've checked with your doctor to make sure there's no medical problem, your next step may be in this article.  Don't get caught in a power struggle that you can't win.  Learn how to help your child eat in a healthy manner.

This article is for parents of toddlers and preschoolers, and does not cover anorexic behavior in teens or pre-teens.


My Child Won’t Get Up For School On Time

Some children seem to get ready for school completely on their own.  Others dawdle and delay, fraying parents' nerves and adding to morning chaos.  Find out what you can do to make your mornings go more smoothly, and help your children to develop more responsible habits.^ TOP

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