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Coaching to Build Your Private Practice (or other small service business)

Building a private practice from the ground up can seem overwhelming.  Deborah Tucker has owned a successful full-time practice since 1982.  Over the years, she has used many proven techniques to build that practice and keep in growing.  Now, those methods are gathered together in e-book format, so that you can use them to build and market your practice too. 

There are no "pie in the sky" promises here, just solid methods to create and market a solid practice.  The book is called Starting and Managing Your Private Practice (or small service business): The nuts and bolts that others donít bother to tell you.  It starts from the very beginning steps of picking a practice setting, to deciding about leases, to setting up your accounting and paperwork systems.  It will also take you through the basics of marketing your practice, including how to use contact management tools to make your marketing time most effective.  You'll create the ideal practice for you. 

In addition to the e-book, there are many other tools available on the PracticeSuccessTools website.  Feel free to browse around and see what you think.  If you want information about the E-book primarily, go here

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