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Who is Deborah Tucker?

I have been a licensed psychotherapist (California LMFT 17142) since 1982, and am the owner of Families  Counseling Center, founded in 1984.  My B.A. was in psychology, and my master's degree and clinical license are in marriage, family and child counseling.  My graduate training focused heavily on working with people in the context of their relationships, whether with other people in their lives, in their past, or with the groups and organizations that form the rest of their lives.  None of us exist alone, and my emphasis in working with therapy clients has always been on improving the quality of relationships, with self, loved ones, work, friends, community, and the world at large.

My therapy practice soon brought me to Simi Valley, California and Families  Counseling Center,  It is a successful and thriving practice, where a number of diverse yet compatible therapists collaborate to help people heal their pasts.  In addition to running Families, overseeing all of the promotion and marketing, I have also employed and supervised a number of interns over the years.  The joy of helping them to achieve licensure in their field has been very satisfying.

I am also the spouse of an entrepreneur, who has run a successful sales automation business since 1989.  My involvement in the growth and dynamics of that business, as well as its effects both positive and negative upon our family through the years, led to my interest in working with other owners of small and/or family-owned businesses.  And my work with those individuals and couples has led directly to my interest in life coaching.

To find out more, please call me at 805-583-3976 x 33, or visit my therapy page